The hair loss solution industry dates to the times of Caesar. As a common experience for men and even women, innovators are constantly working on hair loss solutions to reverse what some find a stressful ordeal. Many such developments have been expensive, invasive, surgical, and/or expensive, and time consuming. Some approaches have left patients with troublesome scarring, while others have been an overall disappointment. Until the introduction of SMP, as scalp micropigmentation is frequently referred to, not a single remedy has been able to claim all of the following:  non-invasive, affordable, long-lasting, effective, and low maintenance. Perhaps most importantly, it offers realistic expectations and a realistic result.


With the incredibly versatile art of tattoo, the SMP artist introduces specially formulated pigments into the dermal layer of the scalp using state-of-the-art equipment.  Follicle by follicle, the artist is able to create a result that is so realistic looking, only those you tell will notice.  Suitable for full or partial baldness, localized hair loss, and thinning hair, SMP has changed the lives of men and women who want an intervention that doesn’t fib.  Over the course of a few treatment sessions, the final look of a shaved or very close-cut hair style gradually emerges.  Each follicle is meticulously formed to appear exactly as it ought to.  Clients are kept fully comfortable.  We use varying hues of pigment to achieve optimal realism.

Look at our gallery to get an idea of the remarkable outcomes we have created for our grateful clients, imaginable yourself in one of those photos. 

Are clients happily toss their caps, wigs, scarves, or hair pieces on their way out the door.

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