Men make up the majority of scalp micropigmentation clientele, with many noticing their hair thinning as early as their mid- to late teens.  While we are all accustomed to seeing balding men, not all men are willing to accept it when it occurs to them!!  The stylish look of a shaved scalp has been popular among men for several decades.  In fact, for many celebrities it has become their signature. The look is polished, refined, and stylish.  When a man loses his hair, it is nearly always permanent.  The follicle goes into a dormant state and then eventually dies.  Over time, as the hair loss spreads, the follicles themselves are no longer visible and the scalp skin develops a shine.  It is common for men to continue to try to work with what hair they have remaining, but this becomes a daily maintenance headache.


Welcome SMP.  When a man elects for a scalp micropigmentation procedure, while we can work on localized areas, we do recommend shaving the scalp for more widespread hair loss so that when we commence our work, the tattooed follicles blend in flawlessly with what hair remains.  Should the natural hair continue to disappear, we simply add more tattooed follicles as needed.  In the case of a fully bald scalp, our artists design a hairline that is best suited to enhance the gentlemen’s facial features and bone structure.  We make your bald head look like it was truly meant to be.

In life we have all learned we must accept changes that occur with the passage of time.  Owing to clever innovations like SMP, there is no reason to give in if you don’t want to.  Book a consultation today to discuss a treatment plan. Let’s set goals together.

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