Scalp micropigmentation for scarring broadly covers a wide variety of scenarios.  Firstly, we are accustomed to treating clients who have attempted hair transplantation, an expensive surgical treatment, only to suffer disappointment when the treatment is not successful.  As it involves a scalpel, the scarring is substantial.


However, we also see clients who have had brain surgeries, and/or suffered head injuries, both also leaving noticeable scarring to varying degrees.  As the scalp has more blood vessels than anywhere else on the body, it bleeds rather profusely whenever it is injured!  Not surprisingly scars are more common on the head than if the same injury were to happen elsewhere.  Scarring is our body’s natural fortification from further injury.  The tissue itself is dense and fibrous and, therefore, more often than not, will not permit hair growth from the follicles within a scar.  If your scars are noticeable and trouble you, our SMP artists are able to implement advanced skill specifically for scarred tissue and tattoo hair follicles that will completely disguise the scar.  Widespread, or localized, the treatment works every time.  If you are a full scalp SMP client with scars, the scarred areas blend so well with the remaining SMP work you will forget they were even there

But wait, there is another little-known added benefit to SMP for scarring.  The act of “needling” compromised tissue actually prompts a healing cascade which literally releases some of the scar tissue, and replaces it with softer, healthier tissue. 

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